You pulled your clothes out of the washing machine and put them into the dryer. Then, you set the timer and press the start button. Nothing. Again, you press the start button. Nothing again. You start to panic because your dryer isn’t turning on as it should.

One of the first things you do is check the obvious and make sure it’s not unplugged and that the fuse in the breaker box associated with this house area isn’t the problem. Everything seems to be okay with those things.

So, what’s wrong with your clothes dryer?

Here is a look at some of the common issues with your dryer, how to fix them, and what to do when purchasing a new one.

Common Clothes Dryer Problems

If your dryer isn’t working correctly, there could be numerous problems. Some of the issues will require a dryer maintenance person to repair them, which, according to Home Advisor, cost several hundred dollars, with most people paying on average $180 to fix whatever is wrong. However, there are a few dryer problems that could be easy fixes. They are as follows.

Dryer Won’t Turn On – Broken Dryer Door Switch

One of the most common problems you will run into with dryers is that they won’t start. While it may be tempting to go and buy a new one, this may not be necessary. Sometimes you can fix this problem with a little bit of troubleshooting.

How to Fix It

The reason why your dryer may not be turning on is that the dryer can’t sense that the door is closed. If you know that the door is shut tight but still isn’t working, it could be a door sensor issue. Your dryer door switch may be broken and needs replacement. Luckily, this part is relatively inexpensive to replace.

You’ll need to order the specific part for your brand and replace it once it arrives. When replacing this part or any part of your dryer, make sure to unplug it, and as an extra precaution, turn the breaker off in this area. Then, once you open the dryer by unscrewing the part that houses this piece, replacing it will be as simple as pulling off the old, damaged part and putting the new one in its place.

Dryer Won’t Cut On – Blown Thermal Fuse

Another common problem you may encounter that causes your clothes dryer not to work properly is that your dryer has a blown thermal fuse. When this happens, the dryer won’t cut on, or if it does, the heat won’t blow through the dryer.

Unlike the door switch, this is associated with the heating element. This tends to go bad because the heat from the dryer isn’t correctly going through the exhaust pipe, causing the dryer to overheat. While this is an easy fix, ensure you properly ventilate the area so that this won’t happen again.

How to Fix It

You will have to order the part that is right for your particular clothes dryer. This part is typically located at the back of the dryer. Once you open the dryer, start by taking photos of the part with your phone camera. This is so that when you replace the new part, you ensure that you put the right plugs back in the right part of the thermal fuse. Fixing either of these two common issues with your dryer should have it back up and running in no time.

Signs It’s Time To Get a New Clothes Dryer

Not all dryers stop cold. Sometimes they show signs that they are going bad. Again, just because it shows signs it’s going bad doesn’t mean you need to replace it. You may just need to repair it. However, some repairs may be so expensive that you may as well buy a new dryer. Here are tell-tale signs that you should avoid repairs and purchase a new dryer.

● Your dryer is over ten years old
● It makes a lot of noise whenever you run it.
● You’ve made many repairs, but the clothes are still not drying as they should.
● The drum inside the dryer no longer turns.
● Strange odors are coming from the dryer, such as mechanical burning or something else foul.
● It doesn’t heat any longer.
● A maintenance person recommends it.

These are some signs you need to replace your dryer. However, you don’t always have to wait for them to get old or worn to replace. If you just want to replace your clothes dryer with one that is more to your liking or has better energy efficiency, the choice is up to you. If you have the budget, go for it. Also, consider selling the one you own through a garage sale or online marketplace to recoup some of your expenses for the new one.

Before you buy a new dryer…

Think your dyer is acting funny? The best way to know for sure is to schedule an appliance repair service. A technician will come out and evaluate your dryer and let you know what’s going on with it.

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