There is a big difference between a toaster and a refrigerator. One is small, inexpensive, and isn’t used every day in every house and isn’t essential. The other is pretty much a must-have, is costly, and takes up quite a bit of space. Serving different needs, they both have one thing in common. They both need space around them for proper ventilation.

Proper placement allowing airflow is required for your house’s safety. So, if you are a new homeowner or renter, you may want to pay attention to the following information about proper placement and airflow for your home appliances.

So, why is it important to have proper ventilation of the appliances in your home?

The heat created by many appliances needs space to escape. They can cool down and not be a fire hazard when there is adequate ventilation. If an appliance uses any gas, proper ventilation is necessary so fumes do not build into toxic, dangerous air.

Want to get the longest life out of your appliances? Make sure it has airflow to avoid damage and premature failure. For example, if heaters are not correctly ventilated, then they will not work right and could become damaged.

So, Which Home Appliances Require Ventilation?

Appliances vary in design. Not all stoves need a range hood to help with ventilation. An island stovetop, for instance, uses the open air in the kitchen as natural circulation. Because of the heat created by ovens, if they are not on an island, they require ventilation. Refrigerators all need space between them and the ceiling, as well as the back wall. Microwaves and dishwashers both need ventilation but how they are vented depends on the type and the placement.

Anything that creates heat in the house, such as fireplaces and heaters, needs ventilation. Exhaust fans are necessary in bathrooms to control airflow. Gas water heaters, furnaces, and most clothes dryers require ventilation to the outside in order to function properly. If your dryer isn’t working right, one of the first things to check is the vent, to make sure it is not blocked.

So, Which Ones Don’t?

Certain types of water heaters and furnaces do not need ventilation. If they are electric and not gas, they generally do not need the same treatment. Ventless dryers are exactly what they say they are and do not require outside ventilation.

Hand-held kitchen appliances already have natural ventilation because they are used in the open air, plus they usually don’t create very much heat. Clothes washers do not need outside ventilation, but they do need adequate space for plumbing. If you go with a downdraft range hood in your kitchen, you will not have to use outside venting.

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So, What Happens if Appliances are not Properly Ventilated?

Poor ventilation leads to lots of problems. A refrigerator without proper ventilation could lead to food contamination, an oven without a functioning vent could be a fire hazard, and a gas water heater without ventilation could fill your home with toxic fumes. Appliances will eventually malfunction if not properly ventilated and so not only will you have the dangers to your health and home, you will also have the replacement costs.

So, What are Some Precautions?

Never doubt the recommended ventilation guidelines given to you upon installation of any appliance. They are meant to keep you safe and to make sure it works properly. Always have a professional inspect a major appliance if you suspect any type of malfunction. Regular cleaning and maintenance is a great way to keep your investments working for a nice, long life.

Summing Up

Appliances make our homes comfortable. Without proper ventilation, you put that comfort, and your safety, at risk. Following guidelines for your appliances will keep you, your family, and your investments, secure.

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