We rely on appliances to manage so many tasks around our homes; a complicated and advanced machine appliance regulates everything from maintaining the temperature to everyday chores like doing the dishes.

We’ve become so dependent on appliances that when one goes on the fritz it can be extremely tempting to attempt to fix the issue yourself. However, DIY repairs and installations often lead to costly repairs and unsafe environments that put yourself and your family at risk.

Scheduling an appliance repair service is always worth it, and here’s why.

Your Safety Matters

One of the most important aspects to consider before you attempt a DIY repair or installation is your personal safety. Whether you are installing an appliance or fixing an old one you are taking a shot in the dark.

This can lead to dangerous electrical or gas accidents resulting in bodily harm or costly residential damage. What may have been a desire to be financially prudent can lead to very dangerous situations like gas leaks or exposed live wires.

While there may be thousands of DIY tutorials on the web, it’s hard to determine if they consider your specific setup. It’s also difficult to know the origins of the author of online tutorials and whether their advice is trustworthy.

Anyone can claim to be a certified professional on YouTube with no proper training. Homeowners should think twice before following a stranger’s advice online.

Warranty Woes

Most homeowners don’t realize that if they tinker with their home appliances, it voids their warranties. When tinkering inevitably causes a bigger problem with the appliance, the homeowner then finds that the warranty won’t replace or repair that item.

DIY fixes to an appliance still under warranty are never worth it and will cost you in the long run, even if the fix seems to work for a while.

DIY turns a minor issue into a big one.

There is a reason appliance repair persons have to train for several years before they are ready to work on customers’ appliances without a more experienced repair person overseeing them.

Modern home appliances are complicated machines and knowing the ins and outs of even one brand of dishwasher takes a lot of studies and experience, moreover, knowing how to assess and repair every brand and model of dishwasher sold over the last 30 years.

Trained professionals also carry specialized tools to diagnose as well as fix each type of appliance in your home. DIY repairs are often the result of a homeowner guessing the cause of the problem after taking the appliance apart unnecessarily which often leads to the appliance being put back together incorrectly, even if the DIYer manages to fix the original problem.

In contrast, a professional appliance repair specialist will find the exact part of the appliance and replace it while keeping the impact on the entire machine at a minimum.

Considering this, it’s no surprise that when the average homeowner attempts a DIY fix, it results in a bigger, costlier, more complicated problem. DIY repairs take slight issues and turn them into a large repair that requires new parts that take hours. Sometimes, the homeowner has to replace the machine altogether because the cost of fixing their DIY “repair” is more than the cost of a new machine.

Call A Professional

The best thing you can do when a home appliance isn’t working correctly is to call an appliance repair specialist. This will ensure you protect the safety of yourself and your family, save money, and keep your appliance’s warranty intact. Call a professional today to get advice and more information.

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