Your oven is a loyal worker to your everyday food needs. It makes hearty lasagna for family dinner, heats up frozen pizza for movie nights, and bakes cookies when you can’t resist that sweet tooth. With everything your oven does to feed you and your family, you want to keep it running smoothly for a long time. Give your oven a little love and care with proper and consistent maintenance.

So, how do you properly maintain your oven to prolong its life?

The first and most basic step is to clean it, inside and out, regularly. Oven components also need to be inspected regularly and replaced when necessary. We will go over these maintenance tips and more in detail below.

Clean Stovetop and Oven Routinely

Your oven and stovetop suffer through spills, overflowing casseroles, and fallen pie crust pieces often. These spills burn and crust onto oven racks and drip pans, and then continue to reburn with every subsequent meal. Not only can this burnt food release odors that affect the taste of future meals, but they can also affect the efficiency of the oven and consume more energy.

For the stovetop, it is good practice in sanitation to clean up food debris right after you are finished cooking. For the inside of the oven, it should also be cleaned right after you are finished cooking, including the racks if necessary, but do wait for it to cool off first. The inside of the oven should also be deep cleaned two to three times a year depending on your use and its condition to ensure it continues heating efficiently for years.

Resist the Self-Cleaning Feature

Some ovens have a self-cleaning feature where they heat up to extremely high temperatures, 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit, in order to burn off leftover food particles. Using this high of temperatures often wears out components and reduces the lifespan of the oven. It is recommended that you wash the oven by hand and forego the self-cleaning feature.

Inspect and Replace the Gas Line

Every time you buy a new oven, it is a good idea to update the gas line as well. As ovens wear out or breakdown, so do gas lines. By replacing the gas line at the same time you replace the oven, you reduce the potential for future leaks. If you have an oven that has not been replaced in a while, it is good practice to check the gas line regularly for leaks and replace it if necessary.

Inspect and Replace Door Gaskets

The oven gasket is the rubber seal that runs along the outer edge of the door. It seals the oven, keeping the heat inside for efficiency and making your home cooler when it is in use. Every time you deep clean your oven (should be two to three times a year), be sure to inspect the gasket for any cracks, wear, or breaks. If you find any, be sure to replace the gasket before the next use.

Inspect Stovetop Burners

Stovetop burners can wear out just like gas lines and gaskets. If you have a gas stove, be sure to clean the burners thoroughly as debris and liquids can get stuck in them and cause them to stop working. If you notice any areas that are getting hotter than others or an area that appears redder in electric stoves, replace the element as it could short out, spark, and cause flame.

Clean Sides, Hood, and Underneath the Oven

All types of food debris get flung around when you are in the cooking zone. You don’t have time to clean sauce splatter or pick up every pasta noodle that succumbs to the void on the side of the oven. After you have finished making your delicious meal, cleaned the stove, and done the dishes though, don’t forget about those stray crumbs.

Crumbs on the side of the oven and underneath as well as dust on the hood can impede air flow and make the oven less efficient, so make sure to clean those areas. Even if you don’t have the energy after a long night of cooking, make it a priority to complete during your weekly cleaning routine.


Ovens are an essential kitchen tool for everyday life, and you want them to last you for years (it is not exactly cheap to purchase a new one.) Be sure to take care of it with the maintenance tips outlined above so you and your family can enjoy the delicious food it serves.

Call the Professionals

Keeping your oven in good repair means being on top of its performance. If you notice some issues or it’s showing signs of a fail, the first thing you should do is contact an appliance repair service to have it checked out.

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