If you love to cook, you most likely have considered having a double oven in your kitchen. For many people, a double oven is a sign of luxury and convenience especially if you love to host dinner parties and holidays! Tip: Make sure your oven is properly functioning before the mad rush to start baking begins.

A home appliance repair service can answer questions about ovens before you decide.

However, when making the decision to install a double oven, it is important to consider both the pros and cons. First, let’s talk about what a double oven is!

What is a double oven?

To put it simply, a double oven provides two separate cooking spaces – unlike a traditional single oven. A double oven can be installed on the wall or as a range and can be set at two separate temperatures making it possible to cook two dishes simultaneously and then served together.

When deciding if this double oven technology is best for your cooking preferences and needs it is important to consider these pros and cons!

Pros of a Double Oven:

• Use Multiple Oven Functions for Multiple Dishes at Once

The greatest and most obvious advantage to having a double oven in your kitchen is being able to cook two dishes at once. This is especially helpful if you like to both cook and bake. That way you can have a pie or other baked cook in the oven for a long period of time at one temperature and cook your dinner dishes at another temperature all at one time, in order to be served together.

Additionally, you are able to use two different oven techniques such as broiling and baking at the same time giving you the most efficient cooking experience and saving time in the kitchen.

• No Transfer of Flavors

The ability to cook in two separate spaces also allows no transfer of flavor between dishes. Certain foods that are cooked with strong spices and odors will not transfer to other dishes like breads and baked goods. Having two separate cooking compartments prevents the flavors and odors of one dish from affecting another dish.

• Keep Food Warm for Longer

Another great advantage to having a double oven is the ability to keep food warm for a longer period of time after cooking. For example, if you use the lower oven to continue cooking and baking other dishes, the top oven can be used to keep a fully cooked dish warm until you are ready to serve.

• Increasing Home value

As you know, a fully renovated kitchen can add substantial value to your home. Additionally, adding in new and modern innovations like a double oven will also add value to your property. New and reliable appliances are a great return on investment if you are considering selling your home.

Cons of a Double Oven:

• Less Storage

Due to the way a double oven is built with two separate cooking compartments, you will often find that the storage drawer has been sacrificed for more cooking space. With no storage drawer you may lose space for your larger pots and pans.

• Smaller Capacity

When shopping for your double oven, it is important to research the cooking capacity. In some models, there may be smaller cooking capacity in one of the oven spaces, leaving it difficult to cook bigger dishes like roasts or a turkey. It is important to consider your cooking needs when looking into the capacity and dimensions of the double oven.

• Higher Cost

Lastly, the cost of a double wall oven or double range oven is typically more expensive than a single oven. Additionally, a double oven often has a higher installation cost due to the additional technology that a double oven requires. The cost of this appliance is something to consider when deciding if it is right for you.


It is obvious that a double oven offers convenient, time saving technology and additional cooking space. But it is important to consider both the advantages and disadvantages of this modern appliance in order to determine if a double oven is right for your cooking needs and preferences.

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