Most holidays involve traditions centered around food. You may travel for hours to celebrate with family and friends around a table full of food to which everyone has contributed something. Whether you are baking cookies or a casserole to bring to your gathering, dealing with an oven that doesn’t work properly can turn what should be a pleasant experience into a big headache.

So, what are common problems with your oven?

Common problems for ovens can involve not starting or not heating properly due to a faulty or damaged sensor, ignitor, or element. It is also common for oven doors to need repairs and interior lights to burn out.

Some of these problems, such as a burnt-out light bulb, are easily recognizable and relatively simple to fix. Others, like temperature fluctuations due to defective sensors, can be more difficult to diagnose and need a technician to repair.

So, How Do You Identify Common Oven Problems?

To figure out what is going wrong with your oven, you need to identify what is not performing properly. Check to make sure it is turning on. If not, then you can contact a technician with this specific information so the ignitors, lines, and other parts of this system can be inspected.

If you have noticed that your food takes longer to cook than the recipes call for or that it is undercooked, then the sensors and elements could need replacing. In an electric oven, you can watch the elements to see if they turn red; in a gas oven, you can listen to the ignition process. If these do not engage, contact a repair person.

The oven works properly by keeping the heat inside your oven, so if the door is damaged in some way, or is not able to shut tightly, then heat will escape, and your food will not cook correctly. A visual inspection of the door and the seals around it is an important part of the diagnosis process when determining why your food is taking longer than normal to cook thoroughly.

If the door and seals look normal, you can cross that off your list of sources for your problem, but if they seem worn or broken, you should consult a technician about replacement.

So, When Do You Contact a Technician?

It is time to call a technician and schedule an appliance repair when you have identified what your oven is not doing properly. If it is not turning on, then the repair person will know where to start. Light bulbs are something that you might be comfortable changing on your own, but if there is any doubt about the correct size then a repair person should be consulted first.

Sensors, gauges, and elements should always be tested and replaced by a technician. Because of the precision involved with gas or electric connections, attempting to fix these parts on your own could risk the safety and quality of your oven, and how long it will function well.

Related Questions

What Should You Check on Your Own?

Some of the things you can check on your own if your oven isn’t working properly are the fuse box, the plug and the electrical connection to the wall, and the hinges on the door. If your oven doesn’t start and you check the fuse box to find the one for the oven blown, then that is an easy fix you can do on your own. Your cookies will be baking in no time at all.

How Do You Know if Your Oven Temperature is Accurate?

If you find it takes longer for your casserole to bake than normal, then your oven temperature may be off. To check this, place an oven thermometer on the middle rack and heat it to 350 degrees. Look at the reading in 20 minutes and see how accurate it is. This should be able to tell you how well your heating elements are working.


Your oven is an important appliance to keep in good repair because it is key to preparing wonderful meals for your family and friends daily as well as during special holidays. Just like any other appliance, it will eventually need repairs, and being able to identify and discuss common problems will make the repair process as smooth as possible.

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