There’s no question that appliances make our lives easier, but because they last so long, more than likely, you will run into some problems at least once or twice. Your first instinct may be to start looking for a new appliance; however, the good news is many times, these problems can be resolved by you or a professional.

Look into an appliance repair service that is local and dependable so that you’re not scrounging when an appliance fails.

Here are 5 common home appliance issues:

● The refrigerator won’t cool or leaks.
● Water Pooling in the dishwasher
● The washing machine isn’t draining
● The dryer isn’t drying clothes
● The front loading washing machine has mold around the door

Now that you know the most common problems you can run into with your appliance, what do you do? The answer to that is written below. Below are the reasons for the most common failures and when to call a pro or try to fix it on your own.

The Refrigerator Won’t Cool or Leaks

Two things happen with refrigerators frequently one is they won’t cool, and the second is they are leaking water, both of which are fixable.

Some possible reasons for the water leaking are that the appliance isn’t tilted properly, the drain pan could be damaged, the defrost drain is blocked, or the water supply line is frozen. If you find water around your fridge, then it’s time to call in a professional and have them inspect it for you.

Next to pooling water, a refrigerator that won’t cool is the second most common issue we run into. This is annoying, and you can end up with spoiled food. We recommend cleaning your coils twice a year to help prevent a warm refrigerator.

Water Pooling in The Dishwasher

The most common reason for this occurring is forgetting to clean out the filter or not emptying the drain basket. If either of these gets blocked, then water can end up pooling in the dishwasher. If you clean both of these and the issue persists, it’s time to call in a professional to find out what’s going on.

The Washing Machine Isn’t Draining

The most common culprit here is the drainpipe. If there is a buildup of debris in it, then it won’t drain entirely, and water will just sit in the bottom of the washer. To solve this problem, run a mix of vinegar, water, and baking soda through your washer without any clothes. This should fix the issue; if not, call us, and we’ll look at your appliance and let you know the problem.

The Dryer Isn’t Drying Clothes

The most common reason for this is a clogged lint screen or clogged duct. Both of these should be cleaned regularly, and cleaning the lint screen also helps to prevent a fire hazard. Another potential issue is a disrupted power source. If you clean your vent and duct and the problem isn’t taken care of, give us a call, and we’ll come out and evaluate the problem.

Mold Around the Door of a Front-Loading Washing Machine

This is an issue you can easily fix on your own. All you need to do is run a hot cycle with 5-10 cups of white vinegar. Once the cycle is done, wipe any residue left behind between washes and make sure to dry out the inside of the machine after you’re done using it.


Most common appliance issues are simple fixes that you can do on your own. However, if you find that the fix isn’t working, then, it’s time to call an appliance repair company for assistance. They will come out to your home and inspect your household appliance and let you know your options.

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